Disc Golf in Jacksonville Florida

Disc Golf at Cecil Fields

Big fun at New World Disc Golf today. Myself, Doc Charlie, Charles McCoy, and the owners met at the course to do the first official layout. Armed with golf carts, and range finders we went to work. Got all 18 done. Brought some discs. Threw for the first time in months. To many great shots to try to let a little pain get in the way. The boys were kind enough to hook us all up with buffet and drinks after. Great food as usual. All in all a great day.

Here are some of the course stats off the top of my head.

18 Prodigy baskets

2 practice Prodigy baskets

2 sets of 5×10 custom paver tee pads

6 par 4’s

1 par 5

12 or so holes with moderate to severe elevation changes

9 or so water holes

Many holes with scenic vistas, and more than a handful of holes with the ” Docs” pucker factor index coming into play.

Baskets should be in town by Oct. 1st. Hope to see you on the links soon.